Need a perfect lawyer? Yes, when you are in trouble your mind is searching for a perfect lawyer to do your job or to defend you. We don’t have a perfect lawyer, but, competent lawyers. Again, if there is no perfect lawyer, then, how then you to know who is a competent lawyer to do your job or to defend you?

Do Your Homework First

We believe that if it is a criminal case, your liberty and life is more important than anything else. How about if it is a civil case? It is also the same. It is about your life that we are talking about. In order to protect your interest make sure that you find the lawyer that can best fight for you, that is, a lawyer not only should he be competent, but, who is professional that commands integrity and who can display good quality work. Don’t simply pick a lawyer just because you have heard of him or been introduced by someone to you. You need to find out yourself and don’t depend on hearsay. Conduct your own investigation to determine whether the lawyer that you intend to hire has these three important traits, that is – professional, integrity and quality in work. On top of these three traits, you also need to judge for yourself whether the lawyer can be trusted or not to do your job or to defend you.

Look For Expert In The Field

If you are in trouble, find the lawyer that specializes in the problem you are facing. If you are facing a dangerous drugs charge, find a criminal lawyer that is good or is specializing in dangerous drugs cases. Mind you, not all criminal lawyers are good in defending dangerous drugs cases. You may wish to seek help from the local Bar Association for recommendations on someone or ask friends and family members the credentials, track records, expertise and relevant experience of the lawyer in question.

Communicate With The Lawyer Of Your Choice

Get an interview with the lawyer to find more about him and also on how dedicated the lawyer will be once engaged

When you have made up your mind, try to get an interview with the lawyer to find more about him and also on how dedicated the lawyer will be once engaged. You can judge this by the way the lawyer speaks and also what the lawyer will tell you. Things that you may find out from the lawyer include the time the lawyer will spend on your case and whether the lawyer will return your call or brief you of your case from time to time. If you pose a question but the lawyer is not answering your question, then this may be an indication that the lawyer is not competent to take up your case or he is unwilling to assist you. This may also be a sign of lack of dedication or enthusiasm from the lawyer to handle you case properly once engaged.

The interview with the lawyer also serves a good purpose for you to understand the lawyer closer and to see for yourself how close the lawyer and you can work together in your interest. If you find that the lawyer is difficult to communicate with and difficult for you to give instructions, there is no point to engage him. This is because when there are instructions or information you want to go through with him, he may not be willing to listen.

A good lawyer is a good listener

A good lawyer is a good listener who will listen to your problem first before he will discuss with you about what you should do and expect about your case. If he is a competent and a knowledgeable lawyer, he will also brief you about some legal points and legal procedures affecting your case. From there you will be able to form an opinion as to your chances of winning your case.

Find Out the Estimated Fees and Costs

At the end of the interview, of course, you may need to find out from the lawyer the fees and costs that you may pay the lawyer in the event you are to engage him. The lawyer normally will tell you the rough estimate that you have to spend on your case. This will help you to plan how to finance your legal battle against your opponent. Normally, fees and costs incurred among other things, depends on the complexity and time spent on the case, the seniority and skill of the lawyer and so forth.


So choose your lawyer wisely. The lawyer you should engage must be professional with unshakable integrity and should be the lawyer that can put good quality work for you.