How To Demolish Fingerprints Evidence Against You

 Is Fingerprints Evidence Reliable? The reliability of fingerprint identification evidence has routinely went unquestioned at all levels of courts and when fingerprint experts opined that the fingerprints at the scene of crime, say, a murder weapon matches that of the accused person, it commonly be understood that the fingerprints found to be evidence of guilt against the accused person. This is because not two persons, not even twins have identical fingerprints. Lawyers in such a situation normally panic and seldom got the confidence to question the accuracy rate of the examiner in analyzing the fingerprints in question nor question the average accuracy rate of the examiners’ profession. Is there a possibility that the fingerprints analyzed been wrong? Seldom lawyers ponder this question without realizing that the accuracy of the examiner’s analysis could be wrong or there could be misidentification of the fingerprints. The problem the lawyer normally faced is that there is unwillingness among the forensic community to admit or acknowledge the possibility of errors in their forensic work. It has always been assumed by the courts that fingerprint identification evidence is assumed to be scientifically valid and free from errors and evidence of fingerprint examiners normally been accepted by […] read more

7 Steps You Must Know When Buying Your Dream Property

When you passed by a beautiful house you may wish to know who the owner of the house is and you may also dream to have a house as beautiful as the one you saw. You may then go round housing estates hunting for your dream house. Can you find one? If you could find a dream house, do you have the money to buy? Is the location of your dream house suitable for you and your family? To purchase your dream house or a simple house, there are many things that you may need to consider. 1. Approach the Owner and Get Necessary Documents Once you have set your mind to purchase your dream house, the next thing you may need to do is to approach the owner or the developer of the house and to find out whether the house have a separate title. After that you may do the following things: i. Request for a photocopy of the title; ii. Request for a photocopy of the quit rent receipt; iii. Request for a photocopy of the current assessment receipt. Above all, make sure that you deal with the owner of the house or his duly authorized agent. […] read more

Need A Perfect Lawyer?

Need a perfect lawyer? Yes, when you are in trouble your mind is searching for a perfect lawyer to do your job or to defend you. We don’t have a perfect lawyer, but, competent lawyers. Again, if there is no perfect lawyer, then, how then you to know who is a competent lawyer to do your job or to defend you? Do Your Homework First We believe that if it is a criminal case, your liberty and life is more important than anything else. How about if it is a civil case? It is also the same. It is about your life that we are talking about. In order to protect your interest make sure that you find the lawyer that can best fight for you, that is, a lawyer not only should he be competent, but, who is professional that commands integrity and who can display good quality work. Don’t simply pick a lawyer just because you have heard of him or been introduced by someone to you. You need to find out yourself and don’t depend on hearsay. Conduct your own investigation to determine whether the lawyer that you intend to hire has these three important traits, that […] read more

6 Things You Should Know About Drug Related Offence and Procedure

#1 Drug Crimes This Country has the authority to regulate the use and sale of drugs that are habit-forming and or dangerous. It has adopted criminal laws that make it a crime to have illegal possession, sale or offer to sell controlled substances. A drug-related charge under the Dangerous Drugs Act 1952 can bring death penalty. You could have been framed up or an innocent carrier! #2 Possession of Illegal Drugs Not all possession of illegal drugs can incriminate you, unless you have knowledge of the drugs. Someone in possession of the drugs may not know that the drugs is present, say for example, cannabis in the jacket pocket, may not know that the drugs is present. In order to prove possession, the prosecution have to identify the drugs precisely – cannabis or amphetamine, for example. Normally this is done by sending the drugs for scientific analysis. When arrested, do not help the police to identify the drugs – for example, “This is amphetamine”. The police may be able to use your identification and admission or statements as evidence against you. #3 Evidence of Drugs Evidence of drugs paraphernalia such as scales, packaging and cutting equipment may be used as […] read more