Stopped by police when driving? Fear not!

Driving – Police stopped to arrest you? When driving a police officer cannot simply pull you over and arrest you. He or she must have probable cause to pull you over. There must be good reason to suspect you that you are driving while intoxicated or breaking other laws, such as speeding, driving without switching your lights at night or were driving in a dangerous manner. You may wish to consult an experienced lawyer to investigate the facts and to determine whether or not the officer had done the right thing or had a probable cause to pull you over and arrest you. In Malaysia, under the Criminal Procedure Code, it must be based on credible information, reasonable suspicion or that a reasonable complaint had been lodged against you. Mind you, police have no absolute power and you can also sue the police for wrongful arrest, assault and prosecution. Caught for Drunk Driving? The outcome of a drunk driving case depends upon the prosecutor’s ability to prove you were driving under the influence of alcohol exceeding a certain legal limit. The proof must be beyond a reasonable doubt. The state may adduce testimony from the patrol or police officer regarding […] read more

How Do I Know Who is the best defense Lawyer for Me?

You may ask yourself, “How Do I Know Who is the best defense Lawyer for Me?” The only way to find out who is the best defense lawyer for you is to talk to them. Ask good questions. Find out how they have handled cases like yours. What is their record of success? Are they familiar with the charges? Do they know the court where your case is assigned? Who the prosecutor and who the judge is? Do they listen to you and seem genuinely interested in helping you? Appearing in criminal court is stressful enough, you need to feel comfortable that your lawyer knows what he or she is doing, as well as can help you understand what’s happening to reduce your stress level about the proceedings. We want you to hire a good lawyer and not to simply hire any lawyer just for the sake of defending you. We know the criminal lawyers who are specializing in certain criminal cases and you should see them. We can give you many options because we just don’t want to see you go to jail. Your freedom is more important to us. This is the reason why we want to tell […] read more

Are you charged with a crime?

Don’t let a criminal charge ruin your life! If you are charged with a crime it is important that you seek legal advice immediately to ensure your rights are protected. You need an experienced lawyer to assess your case so that you can take immediate action to prevent yourself from severe consequences in the future. We have the experience to detect the flaws and abuse of investigation powers and also help you to anticipate the decisions the prosecution may make in a criminal case. This can help you eliminate many unwanted consequences. Do not take things lightly because you could land yourself into deep trouble for a crime you never committed. You could be an innocent drugs carrier facing a death penalty for drugs trafficking or could be charged for theft just because a stolen property was found in your possession. You could also be suspected for murder just because you happened to be around the scene of the murder, but, you never committed the murder. In all, you may not be treated fairly by a system that has very little respect for you. There were instances of wrong convictions and equally, those guilty were set free for lack of […] read more