Malice in Defamation, What Do You Know About Malice? To what most people could understand, malice is a nasty feeling of wanting to hurt another person. In legal application, the term malice is very comprehensive and applies to any legal act that is committed intentionally without any just cause or excuse. There is no need to show personal hatred or ill feelings, but, the most important element is the state of mind, that is, reckless disregard of the law in general and of the legal rights of others. For example, a person can be liable for malice by slandering another who is a non-drinker an alcoholic in front of his or her friends or colleagues. By labeling that person as an alcoholic, the person’s feeling can be hurt, whether or not you indeed are aware would harm him. Your simple act of recklessness can cause you into trouble! There is no need for any definite intent to do harm! This is contrary to nasty feeling of wanting to hurt someone! So, when with friends, especially with strangers in the presence of others, one needs to be careful in one’s speech. When the person’s feelings are hurt, he can accuse you […] read more