VOON & COMPANY recognizes the importance of your privacy. The website of VOON & COMPANY collects identifiable information like names and addresses only from clients and visitors who voluntarily provide information in response to articles placed at various points in our website. VOON & COMPANY will also collect e-mail addresses from the e-mails sent to the website. Equipped with advance wireless technology, the computer systems of VOON & COMPANY automatically collect certain non-identifiable information when clients and visitors visit the website.

We in VOON & COMPANY will use the identifiable information collected online from clients and visitors and to send out information to them about the group’s activities and events. In line with strict confidentiality about clients’ and visitors’ information, we hereby assure you that data collected with be held securely in strict confidence and would only be accessible by authorized personnel only.

Computer data containing no identifiable information will be used only for internal business purposes only and then discarded.

Except to the extent permitted by law, VOON & COMPANY will not sell, share, or otherwise disclose any of the information it collects online without the permission of clients and visitors to the website. Exceptions are disclosures to third parties who maintain the website and to parties who assist or cooperate in preparing the group’s mailings.

VOON & COMPANY may revise this policy or any part of it at any time in accordance with the needs and changes that technology with require. We suggest you review the policy periodically for changes.

Email communications:

It is our usual practice to send all official communications between ourselves and clients or other third parties using email accounts from the domains listed below:

Voon & Company have a strict policy of NOT issuing unsolicited emails and DO NOT issue email soliciting engagements. Any such email purporting to be from Voon & Company is a case of identity theft by person or persons unknown to the group.

If you have received an email from any other domains, that communication which does not relate to the official business of VOON & COMPANY shall be understood as neither given nor endorsed by VOON & COMPANY (unless prior permission in writing been given). VOON & COMPANY accept no liability for the content of such communications, or for the consequences of any actions taken on the basis of such communications, regardless of any claims of association with our group or any of our staffs.