Voon & Company was founded in 1999 and was the brainchild of Mr. Voon Lee Shan, a retired senior police and prosecuting officer and a former member of the State Legislative Assembly represent clients in civil and criminal matters. It took many years for Mr. Voon Lee Shan to realize his dream before Voon & Company  was started as a group to serve people and community more effectively. Voon & Company has experience in handling complex white collar crimes as well as those involving serious drug  charges, including drug trafficking cases and case of detentions without trial, road accidents and violent crimes including murder or homicide cases.

Passion For Justice, Equality Before Law

Voon & Company have passion for justice and equality before the law and are committed to efficient delivery of highest quality legal services to clients. Hard work and backed up by a team of dedicated staff in past years had reaped its fruits and has made Voon & Company as a respected legal services provider and advisor in the State.

In the area of civil disputes, Voon & Company resolve business disputes and help clients obtain compensation and justice in personal injuries involving road accident cases and employment discrimination cases. Over the past ten years Voon & Company had earned a reputation for its professionalism with strong advocacy, confidentiality, integrity and complete commitment to clients. Located in Kuching, Voon & Company represent clients,throughout the State of Sarawak and at times extended its friendly legal expertise to clients outside the State.

Voon & Company while servicing corporate clients also handles individual clients whose problems involve sophisticated issues in many areas of family law, including divorce, child custody and visitation, spousal and child support, separation agreements, defense of neglect and abuse allegations and paternity matters.

At Voon & Company, clients are assured to receive personal attention from Mr. Voon Lee Shan and experienced legal clerks. Clients will be briefed from time to time the development, planning and research that will be done on clients’ case. Besides the use of information technology and internet, Voon & Company are also equipped with adequate law books relevant to its practice and this has made research work easy and fear not, the law books in Voon & Company’s library will provide much help to clients’ case.