Why You Need To Retain Lawyers in your Business?

The reasons for hiring a lawyer to advise you the legal aspects of your business are apparent. A skilful lawyer will provide your company with all vital assistance your business may need from copyright and trademark advice to formal incorporation of your business. Your lawyer can also advise you of possible lawsuits and liabilities your company is facing in your business. Don’t wait until being sued and then get a lawyer. Matters will be very complicated by then and it can be very costly after being sued. You need to remember that it is easy to get into court, but, very difficult to get out of court once you are entangled with legal problems affecting your business. You may need to know on how to hire or retain a lawyer on monthly or annual basis to keep your company out of trouble. It is not expensive to retain a lawyer that way, but, it will be a very expensive affair once you are in court. Whether your company is big or small, it doesn’t matter, but, the larger you company is, the more problems your company will face. You may need lawyers to advise you on your company’s lawsuits, to […] read more

How much legal fees would I be charged?

How Lawyers Charge Fee? Most often than not when a client walks into a lawyer’s office he would first of all ask the lawyer how much he should pay the lawyer for a certain work to be done even without first giving an opportunity for the lawyer to assess the legal problem the client was facing. A lawyer may not be able to off-hand quote a fee without a proper understanding of the legal problem that the client is facing. Therefore, a lawyer will not be able to quote a proper fee when client ask by phone. The best thing is to see the lawyer personally and shopping around by phone for lawyers will not do justice to the client and lawyer. Before quoting a fee for a particular work asked by the client the lawyer has to consider a number of factors such as: (1)            The nature of legal problem the client is facing, whether it is about debt matters, personal injury claims, land disputes, hire –purchase, criminal charges etc., (2)            The value of the matter in dispute; (3)            The length of time needed and effort taken to resolve the legal problem faced by the client; (4)            Whether there […] read more

No Will? Think again whether you should have one.

No Will? Think again whether you should have one. What is Will? A Will is just a simple instrument – it list out all your assets and to whom you want to give the assets to in the future, who administer these assets on your behalf and distribute your assets according to your instruction upon death. A Will can also be a complex one where you direct that your assets only be given to specific beneficiaries upon them satisfying certain criteria. But a simple instrument like a Will can make a lot of difference as to the distribution of your assets and the well being of your descendants. For many, it’s a taboo for making a Will, especially for young people. “Why should I make a Will when I’m still young, healthy and able to manage my assets?” “Why should I make a Will? My assets will automatically go to my children and wife once I’m gone.” It may seem straightforward than it should be. However, a story of a young executive who dies at early age may change your view. Life of a Successful Man John (not his real name) was an aspiring and energetic young man who had high vision of how his future going to be. […] read more

Do you have a Will? If not, we tell you why you need one!

This article is contributed by Nicole Yeoh, in chambers of Voonslegal. Why you need a Will? You may often hear people asking “Hey! Do you have a Will?” And the immediateresponse would be “Why I need a Will?”, “I am fit and healthy now. I do not need one at the moment. I am not rich and so I do not need to write a Will.” The conversation may not stop there. In present days, there are many people out there who do not know the importance and the need of making a Will. Some may think that it is a taboo to make a Will. The advice is, no matter whether you are rich or poor a Will is a very important document to protect your estate and to ensure that your property shall not fall into the hands of those whom you don’t want to benefit. Then, what is a Will? Under the Wills Act 1959, a Will is a declaration that states and shows the intention and instructions of a testator to give legal effect to his property or other matters which he desires to be carried into effect after his death. Upon death, the property of […] read more